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Biggie Smalls is the
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Fred ‘Biggie Smalls’ Smalls began personal training while still in college in 1994. Through the IFPA he received both his Personal Training Certification, Advanced Personal Training Certification and Certification in Nutrition. Since he began, Fred has trained over 3000 clients. Fred was the world champion in various federations, as ADFPA and WNPF and was 3 times Arnold classic best poser.

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BIGGIE-FUEL is a pre-workout designed to promote focused, intense, and long-lasting energy to help you get through your most difficult workouts. Feel like a monster that can run through walls with the explosive stimulant power in this product. Experience BIGGIE-FUEL and get ready to “UNLEASH THE MONSTER”.

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BLUEHEAT was formulated to support quality sleep through deep sleep-cycles and decrease the time needed for muscle recovery and regeneration. BLUEHEAT’s synergistic compounds allow the body to rid excess water weight and burn fat while you sleep through proper regulation of the thyroid and other thermogenic pathways.

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Pain Venom

Pain Venom Therapeutic Blend. Designed to promote muscle & joint pain relief Pain relief for better sleep Increased blood circulation An anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effect Vasodilation Lymphatic stimulation

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RMR is a zero-calorie, high-performance intra and post workout drink. This BCAA and EAA formula is infused with Creatine Monohydrate and developed to stabilize blood sugar levels. RMR provides rapid muscle recovery, increases strength and endurance, and replenishes lost electrolytes. Athletes today require maximum muscle hydration to optimize sports performance.

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SHRED’EM is a uniquely designed, hardcore fat-burning formula created to fit different stimulant tolerance levels. As your tolerance needs change daily, weekly or monthly, SHRED’EM allows you to be in control of your own dosage. Burn fat and increase your energy.

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STAY SWOLE is an engineered hardcore creatine formula designed for anyone looking to put on size and strength. The synergistic combination of compounds creates a muscle fullness and pump like you have never felt before. STAY SWOLE will take your gains to the next level.

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